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How far do you travel?

What means of transportation do you use to travel to a meeting?

When air travel and/or lodging is needed, do you prefer the church to book the tickets & reservations, or do you prefer to do this on your own?

Do you charge a certain price when you hold a meeting?

What types of meetings and/or events do you speak at?

Do you only speak in Baptist churches?

What are your lodging needs when traveling?

What are your dietary needs when traveling?

How long are your sermons and speeches on the norm?

How can the guest church and pastor best prepare for a meeting?





Q:  How far do you travel?


A:  We are willing to travel anywhere God opens a door for us to minister.  So far, our ministry has lead us as far north as Toronto, Canada, as far south as Mexico, and as far west as California.  Please do not let distance hinder you from using us to minister to you and your congregation.

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Q:  What means of transportation do you use to travel to a meeting?


A:  We will drive our own vehicle for local meetings where the distance is under 450 miles and/or travel time is less than 8 hours.   Flying arrangements are acceptable when convenient for the guest church, but are required for distances longer than those stated above.

If we will be using air transportation to arrive in your area, and the renting of a wheelchair accessible vehicle is necessary, we will also be in need of a rear-facing car seat for our son.


Another option is if your church is a greater distance, we are willing to drive if you are willing to assist in booking other meetings in your area.  This helps lessen the burden of expenses on your church.

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Q:  When air travel and lodging is needed, do you prefer the church to book the tickets & reservations, or do you prefer to do this on your own?


A:  When lodging is needed we have found from our traveling experience it is best for our family to make reservations at a hotel in the area, and pay for each night needed.  If your church receives a discount at a certain hotel, please let us know.  We ask that the church reimburse this expense with a check.


When air travel is needed we have also found from our traveling experience that Southwest Airlines provide the most convenient way to fly when traveling with a wheelchair.  AirTran Airways are not as convenient, but can be manageable when Southwest is not an option. 


Upon arrival, a wheelchair accessible vehicle will be needed.  There are companies that rent these, or there may be a local business or other type of transportation system  around that will allow you to rent or borrow one.  You can have a designated driver for the meeting, or allow Mrs. Hudson to do the driving while there.  In the vehicle we will also need a rear-facing car seat for our son.

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Q:  Do you charge a certain price when you hold a meeting?


A:  We do not charge a certain amount of money when ministering.  Please keep in mind  that even though all of our expenses are being covered while traveling to minister there, this is also our means of providing for our family.  We do not expect or intend to get rich off of God's people, but are trusting in Him to use His people to supply our needs, and help keep us on the road: Philippians 4:17, "Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account."


Pastors usually ask, "which way do you prefer us to pay you for coming here?"  Many times one of the biggest challenges of a special meeting is how to pay for it.  Our ministry has its needs met primarily by these 3 methods:


1) An honorarium, i.e. any amount that comes out of a budget;

2) An offering, i.e. a collection taken at the time of ministering;

3) A combination of both honorarium and offering.


After our experience in evangelism, we have found that the third option is the most common and helpful., and this is what we ask be done.  We ask that if we are planning to be away from home longer than a week, that some cash be given from offerings taken.   It can sometimes be difficult when buying necessities on the road when we have not had access to deposit a check.


We do not choose churches on the basis of the size of their congregation, or how much money they can give.  Therefore, when offerings alone are used, they vary considerably.  When honorariums alone are used, church members do not have a chance to give at the time they have been touched, and folks visiting from other churches don’t have a chance to give at all.  That’s why our ministry is very appreciative of churches that give more than they normally do to help make up for others that are unable.


When having any guest speaker in, not just us, consider not only the preparation and delivery of the messages, but also the amount and value of the time you've asked your speaker to be away from home.  Just a Sunday morning and an evening meeting, for example, usually requires that your speaker travel and be at your disposal for some fifty to sixty hours.

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Q:  At what types of meetings and/or events do you speak?


A:  Our ministry has lead us to conduct Week-long Revivals, Youth Meetings, Weekend Meetings, Special Days, Missions Conferences, Soul Winning Seminars, Christian School and College Chapels, Rescue Missions and Homeless Shelters, Vacation Bible Schools, Camps, Retreats; and secular motivational speeches at businesses, public schools, and prisons.


Mrs. Hudson has a singing ministry, as well as speaking to ladies in conferences, seminars and classes.

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Q:  Do you only speak in Baptist churches?


A:  We are Independent, Fundamental Bible-believing Baptists.  A church or camp does not need to have "Baptist" in their name, but we only share God's Word with those that are solely of like faith and practice.  Please visit our "What We Believe" page to see what doctrines we hold to.


Also, as mentioned above, we have and can conduct secular motivational speeches at businesses, public schools, camps, and prisons.  We have a secular website dedicated to this ministry:


We would also be available to speak at any other types of meetings or programs upon your request.

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Q:  What are your lodging needs when traveling?


A:  As mentioned above, when lodging is needed we will make arrangements at a hotel in the area.


We have made it a policy, if at all possible, not to stay in any church member's home or even a prophet's chamber.  The hotel environment provides easy access to a private bathroom, a place to rest, study, write, pray, and prepare for the services.  Most church member's homes and prophet's chambers are not wheelchair accessible.  Brother Hudson was once placed in a church member's home where they had several cats, of which he is very allergic to.


If it is absolutely necessary that you book the hotel for our lodging, please make sure the room is spacious for a wheelchair to move through the entire room, including the bathroom.  And, as for the bathroom, please inquire about one that has a roll in shower with a portable shower bench and/or wall-mounted seat.  Please remember, that only placing handrails in a bathroom does not make life easier for an armless guy yes.  


If at all possible we request to have our stay at Holiday Inn Express Hotels .  They have proven to be the most accommodating for our needs.  Also, while lodging, we will be in need of a crib or pack 'n play for our son to sleep in, and a refrigerator be provided if available.

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Q:  What are your dietary needs when traveling?


A:  When having us for an extended meeting, the question of meals always comes up.  Some pastors give a food allowance, take us to a restaurant, or have meals provided by members of the church.  Any of these are fine, but we prefer to spend time with the pastor and other members of the church to get better acquainted.  We do not have any food allergies and like just about anything (except Brother Hudson greatly dislikes peas).  Just let us know in advance what the meal plans are so we can plan our time accordingly.


Snack baskets are always welcome, but keep in mind that if we are using air travel, luggage space is limited.  Snacks that are healthier are preferred, and bottled water is the most refreshing and needed item you can provide us.

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Q:  How long are your sermons and speeches on an average?


A:  An average sermon or speech lasts 45 minutes to an hour.  Most pastors shorten the announcements and singing parts of the services to allow ample time for the message and invitation.

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Q:  How can the guest church and pastor best prepare for a meeting?


A:  There are numerous things that need to take place in order to have a successful meeting.  Here are a few suggestions that may help:


1.   Pray for the Hudson's ministry


• Pray for the guest speaker's family the way you would for yours if they were away from home.


• Pray for the guest speaker's health, realizing a change in time zone, water, or climate can upset the body's system.


• Pray for the guest speaker's trip; the dangers of delays or cancellations due to bad weather, no lost or damaged luggage.


• Pray for the guest speaker's messages. Time and wisdom for preparation are needed if the ministry is to be effective.


2.   Promoting the upcoming meeting

People that are not members of your congregation will not know of the meeting unless they are told.  Most newspapers will accept news articles. Some will print a picture of the guest speaker. Radio and television stations often provide spot promotions at a reasonable cost.  Letters or cards to local pastors announcing the meeting could be beneficial. Neatly printed brochures can be used. In other words, promote the meeting with effective advertising.


3.   Prepare the Congregation

Announce the upcoming services in the bulletin several weeks in advance. Provide interesting information about us that can be found throughout the website. Show church members a recent picture of us so they can add faces to their prayers.


4.   Plan Adequately For Funding the Meeting

It is recommend, especially for churches small in size, to plan approximately 12 months before a meeting.  Lack of planning to fully fund a revival or special day can make a stressful situation, and easier for Satan to have his way.  Some churches place small amounts of money aside each week or month preceding the meeting.


5.   Have The Church Sanctuary Ready In Advance

When possible, I prefer to be on the platform to make line of sight for the congregation easier.  This needs to be planned ahead due to the fact that most platforms do not have a ramp, and my wheelchair and I weigh around 700 pounds.  Most churches have made a removable ramp so there is no damage or alterations to the platform.


While on the platform we have found that removing the pulpit, Lord's Table, flowers, microphones or any other objects as such gives me an area to move about, and increases the line of sight for the congregation.  I believe it to be best if I were on the platform and these tasks were taken care of ahead of time so there is no idle time during the service.


During the sermon a wireless mic is needed for medium and larger congregations.  I have a full wireless ear-worn mic system that can be easily added to any sound system without any damage to your equipment.  The mic itself can also attach to any lapel mic transmitter that has a detachable cord.  I've found it best to have the wireless transmitter to the on position with the sound person adjusting the volume as I'm ready to preach.

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It is our prayer that you have taken these suggestions in the spirit that they were intended.  We sincerely appreciate the pastors and congregations that God has blessed us to work with.  We submit ourselves to the authority of the local pastor, and intend to assist in ministering to God’s people.  If you choose to honor these requests (not demands), we are greatly indebted to you.  If you choose not to, all we ask is that you contact us ahead of time so that we can adjust our plans, and not have an awkward moment at the time of the meeting.  God bless.

~The Hudson's     

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